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Let's Go Micro - a Primer


Way back before the rona put us all on lockdown, we made a teaser post on our Insta about a special content series that we would be launching in May called Let’s Go Micro. Odds are pretty good that we won’t be kicking that series off quite as soon as we had originally planned, and probably won’t get it into full swing as quickly as we’d like, but we’re definitely still going to be getting out there when it is safe to do so. Knowing that, we’ve put together this preview as a way to give you a better taste for what’s coming.

See America With Us

A number of national parks have already begun streaming live video from inside the park online as a way to let people take a virtual tour of some of our most remarkable treasures. In a way, our Let’s Go Micro series will be similar if you’re looking for editorial content about two people from GSE traveling throughout the country with a dog and a GSatMicro. The map in the header of this article has just a few of the special spots we’ve identified as stops along our journey.

From national parks to all of America’s most charming small towns, highways, and byways, we will be taking photos, making videos, and writing about our experiences in a way that will give everyone a glimpse into the things that make America what it is. For the Let’s Go Micro campaign, you’ll be seeing 2-3 posts per week on our social media, and if you haven’t already followed us on Instagram, you should definitely do that now.

Let’s Go Micro

The Let’s Go Micro campaign will be our way of showing you what a day in the life of a typical GSatMicro looks like. It will also help us show off some of the coolest features of GSatTrack, like Shared Views, Places, Photos, History Replays, and Live Updates. Most of all, however, we want to make absolutely certain that you understand our commitment to ensuring the quality and functionality of our products. This will be the third year that we’ve had people out traveling and testing the GSatMicro and GSatTrack, and it is our commitment to constantly improve our products that is driving this campaign.

The best place to find Let’s Go Micro content will be our Instagram. You can follow us, or you can follow the hashtag. A few other people have already posted some non-micro stuff to the hashtag, but eventually you’ll only see our posts there if you choose to follow it. We will also be posting to Facebook and Twitter if you prefer to find it there.

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