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Peace of Mind with Quick Access to Emergency Backup Communications


When the unexpected disaster hits and cell towers go down, Satellite phones are the typical next means of communication. More often than not, however, extended time has elapsed since any use of those satellite phones. Satellite phones oten get misplaced, or ownership gets lost due to employee turnover, or the batteries are left uncharged and there is a scramble to get reconnected.

What if you could leverage the Iridium Satellite Constellation to provide you quick access to emergency backup communications or for both mounted stationary solutions (office structures) and mounted mobile solutions (vehicles and vessels) to enable voice and data services to multiple connected devices such as:

  • Traditional analog or SIP phones
  • Smartphones (transforms smartphones into satellite devices for voice/text/email)
  • Tablets
  • Computers
  • Laptops

To add even more benefits, users have the option to get their PBX fully functioning, or activating GPS in the vehicles and boat installations for additional safety!

How is this possible?

Installing an intelligent Iridium certified terminal that operates as a universal communications hub, low-bandwidth internet gateway with powerful features:

  • Exposed SMA connector to choose the Iridium Antenna for your requirements
  • USB Port
  • Ethernet Port
  • Landline Port
  • Internal RS232
  • Embedded GPS receiver for GPS tracking
  • Built in IP PBX
  • Wifi router
  • Onboard Linux platform
  • Fully featured firewall
  • SDK scripting features on the terminal
  • SIM based Iridium 9523 modem
  • External SIM card slot for convenient installing or changing of SIM card
  • Accepts the DISA EMSS SIM card

Introducing GSE's MCG-101

GSE has engineered the most powerful and versatile Iridium certified intelligent communications system of its size and price point, the MCG-101, to provide you that peace of mind as well as to open up countless customized solutions for advanced applications, to be included in a kitted solution, or even to use as the building blocks toward your own unique terminal.

The MCG-101 is a fully capable processing platform that can be easily configured for secure means of voice, data, GPS tracking, and machine-to-machine communications. Its WiFi router and Linux processor allow for an endless number of uses from simple access to the Iridium Network via WiFi for sending and receiving calls using an analog phone or existing Smartphone, to a powerful communications hub for collecting and repeating sensor data. The system features a full PBX that can run an entire office, and run custom software as well.


GSE is a DISA Government Approved EMSS Partner and the MCG-101 terminal is listed on the DISA Approved Product List (APL). The terminal accepts the DISA EMSS SIM card to function on the DoD Gateway - no flashing necessary - SBD, Voice, and Data traffic all flow through the EMSS Gateway.

What is the Enhanced Mobile Satellite Services (EMSS)

Iridium holds a multi-year, fixed-price contract with the United States Department of Defense (DoD), through the United States Space Force, enabling EMSS capabilities with unlimited usage for an unlimited number of subscribers on Iridium narrowband devices. Over the past 20 years, Iridium and the DoD have jointly developed an operational environment that provides the critical network transparency and collaboration to enable successful execution of the warfighter’s mission. DoD and associated DoD-approved subscribers have unlimited access to:

  • Global Secure and Standard Voice
  • Secure Voice Encryption and Prioritization (NSA Type 1 and AES 256 encryption)
  • Broadcast, Netted, or Distributed Tactical Communications System (DTCS) multicast
  • Data and IoT applications: Global Data Burst (GBD), Short Burst Data (SBD­®), Electronic Short Burst Data (ESBD)
  • 24/7/365 EMSS Customer Care
  • What does this mean to those of you providing solutions to the DoD and other sponsored Federal Government Agencies?

If you have DoD customers they will be happy to know that the powerful MCG-101 terminal is approved to function on their Secured Dedicated Gateway and that they can leverage their existing airtime contract and the DISA SIM card provided to them.

Who can I contact about EMSS and Government Solutions offered by GSE?

GSE has a dedicated focus on Government Solutions. Please email our government division at and a government specialist will assist you.
With the onset of Hurricane season, now is the time to help our emergency management teams become equipped with solutions readily available to them and help maximize their safety and that of their surrounding communities.
You will find our MCG-101 related resources such as the Online Manual, How To videos, Feature Sheet, Specification Sheet, Brochures, Case Studies and Blogs here.

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Government Business Development

Abby Kennedy has spent over 17 years developing business in the government sector having directly contracted over 55 million in IT related solutions the first five years, then dedicating the following 12 years consulting and guiding companies in how to align their solution capabilities for contracting success. GSE is pleased to have Abby join our team to lead the development of our strategic government business.

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