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Save Lives Series 1: Introduction

Save Lives

Series Introduction

GSE will be publishing a number of article series that will help clarify the primary values delivered by GSE products within the various industries that GSE supports. These article series will focus on how specific products deliver measurable ROI across various industries with real world examples in each of those industries. The goal is to help customers, partners, and resellers understand exactly how people can save time, save money, or save lives using GSE products to augment their daily operations.

Major Theme: Saving Lives with GSE

The Saving Lives Series will focus on the ways in which GSE products can help improve the safety protocols and accountability measures in place for worksites, lone workers, and active teams. There are a number of operational activities that occur on a daily basis that put people in harm's way, and organizations like OSHA around the world are evidence of the importance of keeping people as safe as possible in their job functions.

The real sticking point in the previous sentence is the definition of "as safe as possible," and the Saving Lives series will help to clarify a number of ways to improve or maximize that definition for each industry sector GSE supports. Sometimes, it is a lack of investment in safety protocols and technologies that keeps worksites from being "as safe as possible," but in many cases, it is lack of understanding, either of what is possible, or how to employ what is possible to the benefit of everyone, that causes problems. This series will help reduce the amount and scale of the latter cases, and hopefully will make a stronger case for fixing the former as well.

Finding the Series

The Save Lives Series will be published three more times this year, along with three each of the Save Time Series and Save Money Series. Each article in this series will be linked here, so feel free to bookmark and check back throughout the year for future posts. You can also search our blog homepage for Save Lives Series at any time to display all of the articles in the series.

About the Author
Justin Vizaro
Product Manager

A writer with over two million words published, Justin comes to GSE from the startup world, where he developed a passion for innovative problem solving and product development. His articles share the perspective and experience that comes from successfully taking products to market in over 20 different industries.

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