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Save Money Series 3: Cattle Ranching

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Save Money Series

The Save Money Series shines a spotlight on the ways in which GSE products can be used to augment the financial efficiency of projects, individual assets, and anything else that can be tracked. The purpose of this series is to help both managers and employees draw direct lines between operational activity and ROI, and then use that information to make informed decisions about their operations. To see more Save Money Series articles, please use the linkbase in the introductory article.

Saving Money with GSatRancher in the Cattle Ranching Sector

Identifying Financial Sieves

Three major sources of budgetary drain in the Cattle Ranching sector are:

  • Losing livestock
  • Livestock behavior
  • Expensive tracking equipment

These factors account for a significant amount of managerial stress during project planning and post-project auditing, and provides an elegant solution to all of them.

Lost Livestock

Understanding the Problem

Large Cattle Ranches operating on open public or federal lands or huge pastures run the risk of losing livestock over time. Lost livestock results in lost revenue for several reasons. Losing livestock can mean animals just wind up running open lands on their own where ranchers cannot find them. It could also mean, however, that an animal was injured or pinned down, and it was too late to provide necessary medical attention, which of course results in lost revenue as well.

Understanding the Solution

Cattle Ranchers require a low cost solution which will help them either know where all animals are at all times, or at least track the whereabouts of highly valued livestock. The ideal solution would both track the physical location of the animal and also alert ranch hands if an animal has not moved for an extended period of time.

Achieving the Solution with GSatRancher

GSatRancher is mounted directly to the animal via an ear tag or a collar, resulting in pinpoint accuracy every time a location is reported. Each GSatRancher is added as an Asset within the GSatTrack portal, which can be paired with Geofences and Alerts. The Enter Fence or Exit Fence Alert can be used to notify portal managers when an animal has escaped or left the herd. A Stationary Dwell Alert can be used to notify portal managers if an animal has not moved for an extended period of time signaling possible injury or medical emergency. The GSatRancher will save ranchers money by quickly finding lost or injured animals.

Livestock Behavior

Understanding the Problem

Livestock can behave in many different ways for many different reasons. They may graze in one pasture because they like the grass there, and avoid the other because there is something they dislike about it. They also may avoid moving to graze on a hill out of sheer laziness. The result can mean over or under grazed pastures, or livestock with too much fat or too little based on how much they are or are not moving in a day.

Understanding the Solution

Ranch hands need a solution which can provide data on specific behavior of livestock for many reasons. Sometimes this information can inform them on where a fence may need to be added, or adjustments on locations of feeding or watering areas. This information can also be necessary to understand where to move or keep livestock based on how they react to the environment of that specific pasture or grazing field. Either way, ranchers need this information to make decisions on how to properly care for these animals and prepare them for market.

Achieving the Solution with

GSatRancher paired with the GSatTrack portal will absolutely help ranchers obtain important information on livestock behavior. Portal managers will be able to track the distance each animal is traveling on any given day and see how those animals are interacting with their environment. This data can then be accessed in Reports and shared with all stakeholders as needed. The GSatRancher will save cattle ranchers money by providing crucial data to reduce operating costs and increase healthy behavior in animals meaning higher livestock value at market.

Expensive Tracking Equipment

Understanding the Problem

Most Cattle Ranchers are operating in rugged and remote locations which often provide minimal telecommunications infrastructure. This means that ranchers must either front the cost of building the infrastructure to track their livestock, or find an affordable alternative which does not require installing a lot of equipment to function. Until recently, tracking options for livestock where very limited.

Understanding the Solution

The ideal solution would be a lightweight device which could be mounted directly on the animal, which could withstand harsh environments, and report data without requiring constant maintenance. This may sound like a simple task, but livestock are massive animals who love to scratch their head, ears, neck, and shoulder on anything from trees to fences. This device would also have to report data without requiring the installation of infrastructure, like towers, to function.

Achieving the Solution with

The GSatRancher is a light weight yet heavy duty solar powered satellite tracker. This device was specifically designed to be mounted on livestock with either an ear tag or a collar. Since the GSatRancher transmits data via satellite, it does not require any installation of expensive infrastructure to function. The GSatRancher has a strong battery which allows it to function even in extended inclement weather, or shorter periods of sunlight. The device is built with very strong materials and sealed shut, preventing water damage, issues with temperature, or damage from livestock or whatever they may brush against. The GSatRancher will save cattle ranchers money by providing an affordable tracking solution without hidden costs.

More About GSatRancher


GPS Ear Tag

The GSatRancher is a cattle-specific tracker in the GSatSolar Series, offering an unprecedented level of traceability to the ranching industry at an affordable cost. Solar powered and rugged, with satellite-based connectivity, the GSatRancher was designed to be deployed for up to three years with no need for intervention or maintenance. The GSatRancher is the herald of a new era of data infrastructure in the ranching industry, allowing ranchers to affordably collect data at the individual level for the first time.

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Justin brings a combination of communication, leadership, and innovation skills to GSE. With a diverse background in the military, oil and gas, entrepreneurial, and nonprofit industries, Justin enjoys thinking outside of the box to seek new opportunities in which GSE can improve the lives and operations of the partners we serve.

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