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Social Media's Role in the Future of SatCom


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I’m the face behind the screen on GSE's social media accounts, and I'm a digital native. I’ve lived almost my entire life online, meaning I’ve grown up in a world that has been quickly changing towards convenience in every way: online banking, online shopping, remote jobs, education, and the ever-growing world of social media. With quick access to communication, we often forget how far we’ve come.

Social media is a tool, and a powerful one at that. It’s not just for funny cat pictures or complaining about your last trip to Wendy’s. We have reaped the benefits and faced the consequences of just how quickly information can spread through social media. Apps like Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram, and Twitter (X) are connecting people in ways we never imagined possible, allowing us to advance faster as communities and bring like-minded individuals together on command. When used positively, we as a whole can create change and move forward.

Starlink and Kuiper are extending the reach that social media can have by beginning to commoditize remote access to the World Wide Web through LEO consumer satellite networks. I expect other telecom providers to expand upon the success of those companies in the future, either with additional networks, or with ways to take advantage of the global infrastructure. As it becomes more available, it will also become more affordable, giving even greater reach to truly remote locations and also to lower income areas. When this happens, Social Media will expand its sphere of influence beyond traditional markets, allowing anyone to reach anyone else.

As Social Media matures, your presence on these apps and sites becomes just as important as your office or showroom. People from all over the world can view your social media, seeing the virtual “display case” of products or services you offer. The best time to invest in a social media manager was 10 years ago. The second best time is now. The more you engage with social media accounts like ours, the wider your reach becomes, and the easier it is to attract new business. When you see our posts in the wild, drop a comment. If you don't follow us, go fix that ASAP.

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About the Author
Sarah Jones
Social Media Manager

Sarah joined GSE in 2020 to provide support for marketing and Social Media operations. A digital native, Sarah's passion is connecting with people digitally and in person. Her favorite SatCom markets are in the marine, adventure, and leisure industries.

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