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Spotlight Series: Rugged Plastic for Oil and Gas

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Spotlight Series Overview

Many of the GSE blog series have great content about how GSE solutions can help people across dozens of industries collect, move, and manage the data intelligence of their business. This series will get more specific and focus on the specific features of those products and solutions, and how they deliver value to people in specific job functions. The series will introduce the REAL people using GSE's products, and exactly how they find ways to save time, save money, and keep people safe.

Sometimes, seeing the value of a product as feature-rich as the ones in GSE's portfolio requires this kind of detailed deep-dive. The goal of this series is for each person reading the articles to have the opportunity to recognize themselves in these personas, and apply these solutions to their daily activity. We are confident that any asset manager who reads every article in this series will find at least one way to make their lives easier with GSE products.

Access to Information

oil worker

A Solution for Gary

Gary is the Operations Manager for a major onshore oil and gas company based out of Odessa, Texas that predominantly operates in the massive Permian Basin. The regional yard Gary works out of employs roughly 300 hands working on dozens of crews supporting oil and gas production operations throughout the region. Management of those people also involves management of several light vehicles and pieces of machinery.

Gary’s Problem

The yard Gary works at generates several million dollars a month in revenue, but ever expanding operational costs are fighting to reduce the company's profit margin. Gary needs a solution that will help him improve operational efficiency, reduce idle or down time, and reduce operational costs. Being able to track a wide range of assets from vehicles, trailers, heavy equipment, and tools would provide Gary with data and information he needs.

Finding an affordable tracking device built to operate in remote locations that can withstand the harsh environment of the Permian Basin left Gary flummoxed. Gary needs a device that is durable enough to stand up to the elements, and one that can also function in remote areas to track important vehicles, heavy equipment, and tools. Operating in remote and often extreme environments means that any tracking device must have a durable and reliable outer shell that will keep the internal electronics safe from the elements but also not run the risk of causing safety hazards to daily operations.

GSatSolar Rugged Form Factor

The GSatSolar is a durable terminal designed to be used outdoors and operate in extreme environments. The device is completely sealed and self-contained inside of its hard outer case with an Ingress Protection rating of 67 (IP67). Materials used in the creation of the case were chosen for their strength, temperature resistance, and animal safety. The GSatSolar is designed to prevent pooling of water, snow, and ice or buildup of dirt and mud on the surface of the solar panel. The GSatSolar was engineered from the ground up with the intent to be used in the field where other devices fail to stand up to the elements over time.

The GSatSolar was designed specifically to address the many obstacles people like Gary find themselves fighting. The completely sealed, rugged, and durable outer case of the GSatSolar makes the device the ideal candidate for tracking assets exposed to the elements, including those in harsh environments. The GSatSolar is a perfect tracker for trailers, heavy equipment, and tools because the device is solar powered and requires little to no human contact after mounting and activation.

Gary's Missing Piece

Using GSatSolar units to track his light vehicles and trailers, Gary was able to identify thousands of dollars worth of productivity improvements in just the first week of use. The data he collected helped him identify resource waste, inefficient asset movement practices, and inefficient daily processes that had been creating idle time for laborers waiting to be able to work. The data collected from Gary's GSatSolar units also helped him establish a more transparent information system, which allows him to demonstrate the operational value of his yard with much greater detail. Gary's company, seeing the value of his data ecosystem, is now moving to make data collection a requisite for all of the yards in their sourcing network.


More About the GSatSolar Series

GSatSolar Series devices are the perfect combination of an easy to use tracking device, industry-best powerful tracking software, and the reliability of satellite infrastructure in off-grid locations. Together, these forces make the GSatSolar Series ideal for outdoor tracking of anything with four wheels or four legs, or the perfect option for a multitude of IoT and remote status reporting applications.

People are always available to enthusiastically tell stories about GSE's products, and to answer any questions you may have about them. Please get in touch with us today to learn more about the ways in which GSE can help you develop the solution that works best for you.

About the Author
Justin Sowell
Technical Writer

Justin brings a combination of communication, leadership, and innovation skills to GSE. With a diverse background in the military, oil and gas, entrepreneurial, and nonprofit industries, Justin enjoys thinking outside of the box to seek new opportunities in which GSE can improve the lives and operations of the partners we serve.

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