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Is your Software Positioned for Growth?


The majority of potential enterprise and government clients in the market for telematics and fleet management solutions are looking for a way to manage an entire data ecosystem, and they’re aware of their ability to capture and track more than just location data. In order to remain on the competitive edge, solution providers need to ensure their software platform continues to evolve so they too can remain ahead of this demand.

Things to Consider Now

  • Are you losing revenue due to software limitations of your current system?
  • How many markets have you not tapped into due to current limitations of your software?
  • Are you confident you know what advanced functionality is available in the market today?
  • Do you have direct access to engineering support to solve your customers' special requirements in a timely fashion and without being price gouged?
  • How quickly can your current software provider test and integrate new devices to the platform for you or solve your clients' special requirements? Can they do it within a few days?

Positioning for Future Growth

Are you positioned to expand your opportunities into other growth sector industries, including rental, on demand, and others related to the app ecosystem and smart devices? With a strong software platform as part of your portfolio, imagine your ability to capture revenue from these sources better than any other provider by creating a unified and advanced-feature-rich solution.

Things to Consider for the Future

  • Is your current software positioned to expand into growing markets?
  • What potential business opportunities could you tap into by offering an augmented software platform that opens doors to advanced managerial capabilities?
  • Have you considered the major technology trends of companies heavily invested in managed assets such as fleet management and the tremendous revenue potential for your customers positioned to offer a strong, unified hardware and software solution?
  • Consider your business objective to focus on your core competencies and capitalize on selecting the right technology partner that focuses on its engineering expertise to develop and maintain an industry leading software and eliminate high dollar in house development costs.
  • Consider becoming a Reseller of a ready-made software platform available as a managed solution, for which you can sell licenses as part of a custom package for your clients, or for larger clients, as an entirely white-labeled solution branded with your clients’ customizations.
  • Consider providing your clients with a full one-stop solution made of component pieces from different device manufactures that has a single management portal and the upsell potential as a new revenue engine with no inventory costs involved.

How GSE Sustains your Potential Markets

The critical component of capitalizing on these opportunities lies with understanding the needs, pain points, and goals of potential clients and end users. From specialized experience in the industry providing custom engineered solutions, GSE has been able to identify common elements across the majority of enterprise and government clientele and has developed a platform specifically to address those demands. GSatTrack is the product of an ever-evolving understanding of the capabilities of new hardware, the increasing organizational focus on data intelligence, and the move to technologically assisted risk management.

Additionally, GSatTrack has been developed with the understanding that IoT and M2M technologies represent the future of a number of industries and sectors, and that most significant technological investments from companies over the next decade will involve the use of intelligent devices, automation, and remote asset management. GSE’s goal is to help its partners to capture a large portion of this investment revenue by simply integrating a software platform built to the specifications of the market demand.

Over time, it became very clear that while hardware was improving along with network availability and reliability, software was lagging far behind. GSE is an engineering firm that has established itself in the industry as a custom solutions provider, working with clients and every product available on the market to satisfy their needs and solve their challenges. GSE took advantage of the opportunity to launch its GSatTrack software to ascend to the industry’s best, a snowball effect in motion going on 16 years now. As a result, GSE is now an industry leading software company with a recognized reputation for quality.

The Software Health Check Challenge

GSE is inviting you to take advantage of a 30 day trial of GSatTrack, and use your experience to determine if your current solution provides you with all the latest advancements available, positions you for new revenue streams, and prepares you for future growth.

You can add up to 10 devices and mix and match regardless of satellite network or cellular. Find out if your devices are supported by GSatTrack

Let us know if you do not see the device you are looking for. You will need to activate any airtime for your SIM and SIM-less devices. If you only have smartphones at this time (both Android and iOS), you can simply use them to explore the various features, such as dynamic geofencing, advanced alerts, setting permissions, group messaging, creating automated reports, and so forth.

Once you decide to set up a demo account, a GSE solutions support representative will provide you with your login credentials, guidance, resources, and answers to any questions you have. Once you get acquainted with the platform, the friendly user interface and ease of navigating through the applications, map layers, and tools, we expect curiosities will be triggered.

We are here to assist you and to help maximize your trial experience and are available to address all of your questions including high level technical ones. We hope this experience will either give you peace of mind or create a more fruitful path toward new successes. We welcome your feedback!

Click here to request your 30 Day trial period

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Abby Kennedy
Government Business Development

Abby Kennedy has spent over 17 years developing business in the government sector having directly contracted over 55 million in IT related solutions the first five years, then dedicating the following 12 years consulting and guiding companies in how to align their solution capabilities for contracting success. GSE is pleased to have Abby join our team to lead the development of our strategic government business.

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