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IDP 780/790

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IDP 780/790

Device Overview
The SkyWave IDP-700 Series GPS device is a dual-mode tracking device for use on both IsatData Pro satellites & cellular networks worldwide.

Device Features
Inmarsat satellite GPS tracker
Accurate external antenna for GPS, GLONASS, GSM & satellite connections
Can be tracked via cellular or satellite networks
Switches automatically between cellular and satellite networks
Up to 128 geofences can be configured on the terminal
Integrated CANbus interface

Device Type: Vehicle or Asset Tracker
I/O 12/9
Battery: No – External Power
Communication methods: GPRS, GSM, HSPA, IsatData Pro

Simplified Feature Integrations of Skywave Products with GSatTrack:

These terminals contain some of the most powerful and complex features and processing power in a terminal today, and "out of the box" run complex to use and complex to configure agents, which require connections via cable harnesses to serial ports, USB, rebooting, loading scripts, and running a stack of desktop software. These terminals can also run custom scripts/agents which our in house team can assist with discussions and designs. Without simplified tools to configure off the shelf products, such as the AVL agent, you would require engineering to perform the technical engineering for troubleshooting, as there is no simplified GUI (Graphic User Interface).

GSE has built an interface to interact with the software specific to Orbcomm’s Skywave products and has advanced the level of integration like no other to allow the end user to take advantage of the given features with the push of a button.

In essence, GSE has already performed the engineering and integration with its truly universal tracking platform, GSatTrack, so end users can easily maximize all benefits of Orbcomm’s Skywave IDP Terminal Series devices. GSE takes it one step further in having developed the tools to allow end users to make configurations over the air. There is no other software that allows users to perform such configurations over the air with the Orbcomm Skywave Terminal Series products.

It is industry known that GSE has developed an unparalleled comprehensive interface to work with the embedded software which is running on the Skywave terminal. The level of Skywave IDP Terminal Series features integrated into the GSatTrack platform is extensive. Here are a few examples of what GSatTrack offers that no others offer:

Easily change the frequency of reporting
Deep insight on the behavior of the accelerometer
Ability to change frequency of changing GPS
Ability to set speed limit control
Control I/O’s - ability to immobilize a vehicle over the air
...and so much more…
GSE’s truly universal tracking platform offers easy, user-friendly, solutions whether dual mode, satellite only, cellular only, or a mix thereof, regardless of device manufacturer, and regardless of satellite/cellular networks. Please allow a GSE solution specialist to help you discover how, together, we can help you save money, time, and in some cases, lives.

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If you are interested in purchasing a IDP 780/790 , please contact us via email at, or by phone at +1.954-459-4000.

Product Attributes

No Battery