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GSatTrack Celebrates 10 Years!

Happy Birthday GSatTrack! GSatTrack passed a beautiful milestone this week, turning 10 years old on Monday. We're very excited to look back at how far the product has come since 2011, and we're inviting you on this journey through time with us. Looking Back: Early GSatTrack The first versions of GSatTrack were incredibly map-focused, as is the standard for most tracking solutions still. At the time, having a map interface with plotted position...

GSatTrack How to Series: Dwell Alerts - Stationary and Geofence

Scott takes us through the differences in the two Dwell Alerts available in GSatTrack, which let you know when an Asset has been stationary in a particular location for a specified time. ...

GSatTrack How to Series: Messages

Message vs Chat
Scott explains the difference between the two different types of messages sent between devices and GSatTrack. ...

GSatTrack How to Series: Activity Log

Scott shows us the Activity Log, which is a cumulative list of notifications of all event types for a given Asset or Group during the active session's date range of data. ...

OGSS: Lone Worker Safety

Oil and Gas Solutions Series This article is part of a series on satellite-based solutions that are intended to help oil and gas companies improve their bottom line by highlighting opportunities to leverage data in an effort to improve efficiency and operational safety. To view other OGSS articles, please see the links in the "Looking Ahead" section of the introductory article. Real World Scenarios with High Stakes I have a former colleague who...

GSatTrack How to Series: Asset Status

Scott explains how users can find Asset Status indicators in the list panel, what they mean, and how to expand them for more information. ...

GSatTrack How to Series: Theft Prevention

Scott walks through the process of setting up an Alert for unauthorized Asset movement, which can be used to monitor potential theft. ...

Ranching Intelligence with West Sky Technology

When Global Satellite Engineering began working on the GSatSolar, we knew the technological pieces required to deliver a solar unit in a small form factor. Considering our own CEO Jeff Palmer had been a member of 4H in his youth, and still enjoys sharing stories of his successes at cattle competitions, we knew that with our goal to revolutionize the agricultural world and provide a product that ranchers and farmers alike would find useful, we...

GSatTrack How to Series: Wiki

GSatTrack has a support Wiki that can answer many of the questions users have about what things do and how they work. Scott walks through how to find the wiki, and how to find the information you're looking for. ...

Maximize Dumb Terminals with GSatTrack

Understanding the Role of Dumb Terminals Calling them dumb might sound mean, but the reality is that a significant portion of the satellite device market is comprised of simple, one-way terminals that transmit very limited data. While there are also incredibly powerful, complex machines in the field that are capable of managing communications switches, receiving over the air configuration, and running computing processes on the edge, the...