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Snow Removal Management


Winter is creeping its way upon us, and brings with it snow in 70% of the United States. Snow depth measuring is a very analog process involving no more than a snow stake in the ground and someone to read it via camera or in person. In theory that’s a solid way to gauge the snow, but in reality, there are...


GSatTrack How to Series: Fuel Consumption Report


Scott helps us understand how Fuel Consumption Reporting can assist managers and fleet coordinators connect the dots between asset usage and fuel costs.


GSatTrack How to Series: Generate Asset Movement Report


Scott walks us through the Asset Movement Reports feature, which helps Asset managers quickly identify which Assets in the ecosystem are in motion, or which are stationary.


GSatTrack How to Series: Asset Location Reports


Scott walks us through the Asset Location Report feature, which provides a snapshot of the most recently reported positions of all assets in the portal.


GSatTrack How to Series: Emergency Contacts and I/O Mapping Templates


Scott explains how emergency contacts work with I/O mapping templates to ensure GSatTrack is sending notifications when SOS procedures are initiated by devices in the field.


Snow Season Telematics


Every year, snowfall accumulates on over 3 million acres of North America, covering nearly 70% of its population in snow. The effects of this precipitation impact the US with nearly 76,000 people injured in traffic accidents each year. In Canada, 30% of all automobile accidents are specifically attributed to...


GSatTrack How to Series: Map Mode Indicator


Scott explains recent changes to the Map Mode Indicator, which allows users to control the viewing experience and switch between Live Mode and History Modes for any map view.


GSatTrack How to Series: Improved Shared Views


New Shared Views make it easier to share your data!


GSatTrack How to Series: Scheduling Reports

Scheduling Reports

Automate the running and sending of reports by creating a custom schedule.


GSatTrack Changes

A Better Experience

GSatTrack saw two major updates go live in the past week, both of which were aimed directly at making things easier for all GSatTrack users. We made some major changes to the Navigation Panel and to the way users view Assets in the portal. Next, we noticed that the Shared Views feature was...


GSatTrack How to Series: Generate Alert Summary Report


Scott walks us through Alert Summary Reports, which provide managers with an easily viewable list of the Alerts generated by selected Assets over a designated time frame.


GSatTrack How to Series: Generating Activity Reports

activity report

Scott walks us through the process of generating an activity report, which can be used in the portal or exported for your convenience.


SitRep: Delivered

About Iridium

Every 15 minutes, you can look up into the sky from anywhere on earth and if you have great eyesight or a telescope, chances are you will see a tiny moving dot in the sky - no it’s not a bird, not a plane, not Superman, but it could be an Iridium Satellite orbiting across the globe.

Iridium is...


Juggernaut Battle Incoming: Starlink vs. Kuiper

What do you do when Amazon comes for your lunch? Amazon has announced a $10B investment in a LEO constellation

Joining SpaceX in the race to establish a Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite constellation, Amazon announced on Thursday, 30 July, 2020 that the company would be investing $10 Billion in Project Kuiper, a new...


GSatTrack How to Series: Acknowledging Alerts


Alerts are a great tool for monitoring your Asset ecosystem, and there is an option to turn on Alert Acknowledgement. Scott walks us through what the Acknowledgement process looks like.


GSatTrack How to Series: Add WMS Feed Map Layers


Scott walks us through the process of adding custom WMS feeds to enhance users' ability to interact with their ecosystem by viewing it with external data overlaid on the map interface.


GSatTrack and satellite-based systems aid wildfire prevention tactics


In the spring of 2019, I wrote a case study on how monitoring chipper data and harvesting forest fuel could reduce forest fires. Little did I know during the next 18 months the world would see catastrophic fires across the globe. In August of 2019 the Amazon was seeing over 1000 fires a day. By January of 2020,...


GSatTrack How to Series: Exporting Reports to KML Files

rpt KML

Scott shows us how to export Asset Activity Reports as KML files to be used with other products like Google Earth, or to be used in the portal in the future if an Asset is ever removed.


GSatTrack How to Series: Generating and Exporting Reports


Reports help managers generate summary logs for offline use, and Scott demonstrates the ease of creation and export options available to users.


Designing for Growth


Designing, building, and launching products in any industry is perhaps the purest test of a company’s core competencies. With a multitude of factors at play, and an unmistakable talent requirement, innovating for success is a challenge most firms are not equipped to achieve. GSE is a relatively small firm for its...